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I’ll lead the way - as facilitator, collaborator, accountability partner and yes, sometimes even as task master - to keep you on track. When you invest in yourself, I will devote my professional expertise to help you in reaching your goals. I will share proven tools and techniques to decipher roadblocks so you can blow away the obstacles in your path and diminish procrastination and fearfulness. I’ll also point out opportunities and challenge you to go farther and higher than you’ve gone before.

With IntuitiveGoddesse, we’ll begin the process by belief shifting away from doubt, hesitation, anxiety and procrastination, enabling you to confidently move towards your goals.

Once you’re more confident, the previously unrealizable becomes more than probable as it becomes easier to make empowered decisions - in other words, walk your walk and talk your talk.

Seeing yourself as a whole person, you’ll value what you bring to the table while keeping your inner fire well lit and balanced.

And finally, at the end of the day, you’ll learn you stoke the fires of your imagination and create the outcome you desire. Think outside the box and find the freedom you crave!

I want to ignite, one at a time, Women on Fire so you can sparkle all the time and share your light with others.

Just so you know, there are a lot of plants in nature that require fire to germinate their seeds for the next generation. Let’s just say, I’m here to help expedite that process so your dreams and passions can be propagated and blossom.  

I’m not attached to whether or not you work with me, or your individual outcome. However, I am attached to seeing you make a deeper commitment to yourself and taking the necessary action to fulfill your ultimate goals.




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